Chain of Custody

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Something that many of us don’t think about, or just take for granted is the process of chain of custody.

In TV and film crime drama’s we often see the police tape around a building after an incident, and we watch the forensic teams in their protective clothing recording and gathering evidence. Usually there is jump forward to the point where forensics have carried out their tests and are passing on information to the detectives. What we don’t see is the critically important process in between.

That’s where Topspeed come into the picture. Sadly, we are only called out to real life incidents and not the ones of fiction.

When the evidence has been collected from a crime scene, the forensics teams have to ensure they are properly wrapped and sealed to ensure there is no chance of contamination en-route to the certified forensic laboratories where it undergoes testing i.e. toxicology, DNA fingerprinting or ballistics.

Complying with Home Office guidelines, we have developed a Chain of Custody transportation service. Our drivers and management team are high level security cleared and have undertaken specialist training on how to handle sensitive evidence. Collections are tracked minute by minute by our specialist team in our Control Hub using the latest Tom Tom route tracking technology and no body goes home till the evidence has arrived safely at the laboratory.

The type and size of the evidence is varied and can include bio-medical samples, firearms and electrical equipment and sometimes clothing, furniture and household items.

For further information on Chain of Custody transportation services, call Topspeed on 0800 856 2464

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