We have your back

Topspeed Couriers

Customers can rely on Topspeed in many ways.

From a compliance point of view, Topspeed have the expertise and know-how to support consignors in the safe transportation of their consignments and ensure the customer’s interests are met and that their reputation is protected.

Our drivers have been provided with training and guidance on how to identify any potential issues when they are collecting consignments so they can be resolved before they leave the customers premises and potentially break any legislation.

Typically, in a situation like this, the driver will discreetly contact the Operations Hub to raise their concerns and seek guidance. If necessary, a member of the Operations Team or the Compliance Officer will contact the customer to provide information and the steps they can take to make the consignment compliant.

For information or to discuss a consignment contact our Operations Hub on 0800 856 2464

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