Transport of Category A specimens

Topspeed Category A specimens

“I write to thank you for your excellent support over the past month. If help with transport of further samples is needed, we will contact you again”

It’s always good to receive feedback from our customers especially in this case where the project hadn’t been planned but was an urgent requirement for the for the period of a month with thrice weekly collection from a location that was over 300 miles from the delivery point.

Our planners were able to raise to the challenge to accommodate this requirement to transport Category A specimens based on the customer’s specific strict timing instructions.

Dave Turner, “Our customers know that they can rely on us and this project was a prime example. Our ability to be flexible and have the right level of expertise is why they continue to use our services.”

To discuss how Topspeed can help you with an urgent delivery programme, contact us on 0800 856 2464

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