Topspeed’s Ongoing Contribution to the Our Future Health project

Our Future Health - Topspeed Couriers

Last year Topspeed secured the specialist courier contract for the NHS research initiative, Our Future Health.

Our Future Health is a collaborative endeavour uniting the efforts of the public, private, and charity sectors, all geared towards the transformation of health prevention, detection, and treatment. The overarching mission is to gain an unparalleled understanding of various health conditions, including dementia, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. The project’s primary objective is to construct an intricate and comprehensive health profile for individuals.

As of the latest update, Our Future Health is making remarkable strides, with a further 29 hubs opening this month. Volunteers aged 18 and above are encouraged to sign up, granting permission for access to their medical records, completing questionnaires, and providing blood samples at various mobile hubs and selected Boots stores throughout the country. The wealth of data gathered through these efforts will empower healthcare professionals to analyse and glean invaluable insights for future detection, treatment, and prevention of numerous health issues.

Topspeed plays a vital role in this groundbreaking initiative, by ensuring the secure and time-sensitive transportation of medical samples from 80 bases to the respective testing laboratories twice a weekday, and once per weekend day. Notably, since the onset of 2023, there has been a consistent and gradual increase in the number of these hubs each month across the UK. This growth necessitates the meticulous planning and unwavering support of Topspeed’s dedicated teams to meet the escalating demands.

Gillian Lockley, the Managing Director at Topspeed, expresses her profound pride in the company’s commitment to Our Future Health and its forward-thinking approach to health research. She highlights that Topspeed drivers undergo specialised training to handle the safe and secure transportation of medical samples, underscoring the company’s dedication to precision and reliability.

For those seeking additional information on how Topspeed can contribute to their business needs, should contact us.

Anyone interested in actively participating in the research program and supporting Our Future Health should visit Your involvement could be a significant step towards shaping the future of healthcare in the UK.

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