Topspeed’s Mannequin Challenge

Topspeed Mannequin

You may have thought from the headline that we’d joined the viral trend of filming people frozen in action like mannequins. However, you would be wrong, though our challenge was as equally planned and carefully thought through, but did involve a lot of movement and actual mannequins.

Our client, a world renowned sports equipment manufacturer contacted us for advice. They had experienced logistical issues supporting a previous European event and were keen to ensure that for an upcoming prestigious Rome event that everything went smoothly this time, especially as considerable expense had already been incurred in the event planning.

Topspeed have worked with this client for many years providing UK based courier services. When they called us to discuss this particular requirement, they had no idea that we could support them directly. They mistakenly thought we only handled UK deliveries and didn’t have the resource for European logistics but trusted us enough to ask for our advice.

They needed to transport clothing, display equipment and accessories – including mannequins for a major international sporting event. The timescales were tight, the collection needed to be made by the Monday morning to ensure that the driver had ample time, plus extra to allow for any unforeseen traffic or ferry delays and to fit in with the legal driving hours’ requirements. The deadline on delivery was the Thursday morning in Rome, though Wednesday afternoon was preferred. The earlier time was met.

The driver then stayed in the area for 24 hours to collect the goods and packages for transport back to the UK. Proving that Topspeed Couriers will go the extra mile for our clients and won’t stand still when presented with a challenge.

“Just a quick note to thank you for your very prompt action in arranging the collection and delivery for us. The driver was so helpful, kept in contact and was a pleasure to deal with. The situations he faced once he arrived with unloading were dealt with professionally and with solutions”  Senior Marketing Operations Manager

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