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Topspeed Cultures transportation

At Topspeed we specialise in the secure transportation of highly sensitive and dangerous goods.  The range of the type of goods that fit into those categories are widespread and we are often asked for examples of what that includes.

In this article, we will expand upon one area – Cultures.  These are used extensively for medical and research processes and require careful handling when being transported from the original source to laboratories and research centres globally.

Depending on the type of culture or organism higher levels of compliance may be required for transportation.  Some may be classed as UN2814 infectious substances affecting Humans, and included in Category A, for example, Tuberculosis (TB), and would need to adhere to Dangerous Goods procedures.

Topspeed is on the Crown Commercial Services Framework (CCS) and work with several government departments and Executive Agencies.  As such we have the expertise and experience at Topspeed to give guidance on the right way to transport.  Our Operations Hub track and trace deliveries and our drivers are specially trained with the correct collection and delivery procedures to ensure the samples are secure and arrive on time.

To discuss your Cultures requirements, contact Joanna Pearson, Commercial Manager, at Topspeed Couriers on 01565 624125.

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