Topspeed Supporting DEFRA and the recent outbreak of Avian Flu

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In the Autumn of 2022, there were new reports of Avian Flu in the UK, and immediately the processes set out by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) took effect.

For over 9 years Topspeed has been the specialist courier engaged by DEFRA under the Crown Commercial Services framework and one area in which we have been supporting the work DEFRA undertake in eradicating Avian Flu has been to transport potential case samples securely and safely to the central testing laboratory.

When a suspected case of Avian Flu is identified, Topspeed is put on stand-by and if required a specially trained driver will be dispatched to the site with specific collection instructions.  The details of the pickup are unique for each case and will be in line with the individual site guidelines.  This means that the driver may need to be met at the entrance and not enter the site at all or they may be required to have the vehicle wheels washed before driving onto the property.

In all cases, the samples will have been stored in a sealed box under the regulation guidelines of ADR Cat B, and then transported immediately to the testing laboratory.

Earlier in the outbreak, our team were receiving up to 3-4 calls per day but following the lockdown of domestic birds, this has substantially reduced.  The service from Topspeed is 24/7 and covers the whole of the UK.

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