Topspeed Medical Devices Standard

As part of our ongoing growth and development, Topspeed is in the final preparation stages of an audit where our processes will be assessed for the safe transportation of medical devices.

Topspeed already holds a suite of standards, which are regularly audited by external accreditors.  These standards cover all aspects of our day-to-day operations and management processes to ensure the highest quality of our services, and that due diligence of any risk is applied in our supply chains.

This latest standard specifically covers the safe carriage of goods within the medical sector, an area in which Topspeed operate due to being a specialist courier supplier on the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) framework.

Sarah Ginham-Clegg, Assurance Director commented “This accreditation is intended to demonstrate that all elements of the supply chain of goods supporting medicine, from manufacture to disposal, are safe. The systems are already in place to cover these services, though we are happy that the outcomes of the formal audit of our processes will provide our customers with an extra level of confidence”

 To discuss courier requirements for medical devices, contact the Topspeed Operations Team on 0800 856 2464

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