Topspeed handling Biosecurity samples

The media reported last week about a suspected outbreak of bird flu at a duck farm near Driffield in East Yorkshire. 

What we heard on the news was the suspicions of what strain of avian flu it could be, what the consequences would be, and speculation on where it could have originated from.

In the background the process the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) put into place, in this situation, had started a few days earlier when notification of concern was first raised by the veterinary.  As part of our supplier contract with Defra, Topspeed Couriers were instructed to transport the biosecurity samples; these were delivered for testing in London within 5 hours of the samples being taken at the farm.

Cheshire based Topspeed Couriers handling biomedical samples for UK National deliveryTopspeed Couriers run a fleet of vehicles that have been adapted to carry safely and securely forensic, medical and scientific samples and all our drivers have been trained with the handling of dangerous goods, infectious and diagnostic specimens under Dangerous Goods Regulations (ADR).

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