Topspeed Go Electric in Scotland and Devon

Topspeed go green

The electric vehicle fleet at Topspeed continues to grow.

Currently we have 16 e-vito’s delivered and more are on the way, furthering our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly operations.

As part of this initiative, our electric vans will be strategically placed at our Operations Hub in Cheshire and in regional hubs across the UK for optimal efficiency and convenience.

At time of writing, our furthest north placement is in Dundee, Scotland, and the most southernly in Honiton near Exeter, Devon. These locations were carefully researched and chosen to support existing customer contracts and to meet our ongoing carbon reduction plan.

Before implementing these placements, we conducted extensive trial periods to assess the practicality and performance of the electric vans in each region. It was crucial for us to ensure that the necessary infrastructure was in place to support the vehicles including accessibility to multiple charging stations, beyond the ones we have installed in the regional base.

We continue to be excited about our transition to a larger fleet of electric vehicles, they remain a significant step forward for Topspeed and our commitment to embrace the future of sustainable transportation.

For more information or enquiries about our eco-friendly initiatives, please contact our team to discuss your requirements.

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