Topspeed Emergency Services

We can all recall how news headlines, across all media channels, quickly become dominated with scares of viruses and diseases such as Bird Flu, Avian Flu and Ebola to name but three.

Topspeed transport medical and clinical samplesTo us the general public, it would appear that they report on every possible case and it’s not unusual to see photographs and ‘pieces to camera’ from suspected infected sites or outside hospitals and labs.

Away from the media frenzy and when their attention turns to the next breaking news piece, health organisations and authorities continue with their work as usual, and when possible cases of infection are reported, their procedures kick in to have samples tested so that the appropriate precautions can be taken.

We reported recently that Topspeed Couriers have become the Public Health England North supplier which includes the speedy collection of any samples and transport to one of their laboratories for testing.

Topspeed are more than capable of handling this type of job and often as an emergency service.  Our vehicles have been specially adapted to handle medical and clinical samples, and all our drivers undertake extensive training before they climb into the driving seat.  In addition the Topspeed procedure with our central office controls, ensures safe and speed transportation of these samples, thereby enabling the scientists and the health experts to test and respond accordingly quickly.

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