Topspeed Couriers – 24/7

At Topspeed Couriers are available 24/7 – with our 24 hours service, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Alan Simpson is our dedicated night manager numbers-time-watch-whiteand is on hand to co-ordinate nocturnal collections and deliveries supporting our clients who don’t operate on a traditional 9-5 basis.

With a background in driving and ADR trained you can be assured that if you do need to make a night-time call to book in a job, or find out the status of one that Alan will be able be able to help.

In our busy lives a day may not seem like a long time, we looked into what goes into 24 hours and here are our top 10!

  1. At Topspeed on average we drive 20,000 miles per day
  2. Our heart beats approximately 100,000 times
  3. There are 86,400 seconds per day
  4. At Topspeed on average we handle 700 number of calls
  5. 371,000 babies are born
  6. We take approximately 20,000 breaths and inhale more than 2600 gallons of air
  7. At Topspeed on average we handle 350 parcels per day
  8. On average a person will take approximately 8,000 steps
  9. 24 hours in the life of Jack Bauer actually takes ten and a half months to film
  10. Topspeed Couriers operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week with our Night Manager Alan Simpson ADR trained.

Call Topspeed Couriers any time of the day on 0800 856 2464

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