Topspeed at Diddly Squat Farm

Topspeed at Diddly Squat

Viewers who keep a keen eye on the popular Amazon Prime show Clarkson’s Farm may have recently noticed a Topspeed vehicle making an appearance.

In the show’s fourth episode of the second season, entitled “Badgering,” which aired on 10th February 2023, TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson discovered a dead badger at his Diddly Squat farmland. Due to regulations aimed at preventing the spread of TB, he was required to report the finding to DEFRA.

Following these regulations, the bagged carcass needed to be collected and transported to a laboratory for testing. This is where Topspeed comes in.

Topspeed has been providing specialist courier services to DEFRA under the Crown Commercial Services Framework for more than nine years. In the episode, viewers can see a Topspeed driver collecting the specimen and loading it into the back of the vehicle while Jeremy jokes in a voiceover that he was relieved by the courier’s name.

However, the episode also revealed that the test results came back positive for TB, which meant that the cow herd on the farm needed to be tested as well. The testing process was very tense, but it was ultimately confirmed that all of the cows were clear of the disease.

Overall, the appearance of Topspeed in ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ demonstrates the important role that specialised courier services play in the agricultural industry. In this case, Topspeed’s services were crucial in ensuring that the necessary procedures were followed to prevent the spread of TB on the farm.

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