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Tideways - Topspeed

We are delighted to support the Tideways team as they prepare to compete in the World’s Toughest Row across the Atlantic.

The crew of three are Robyn, Louise, and Jordan, they met as teammates at University of London, and will be departing to La Gomera in the Canary Islands on Wednesday 29th November where preparations will take place before the race starts on Tuesday 12th December.

Gillian Lockley, Topspeed MD commented; “we work alongside Louise in her ‘day job’ and when she told us one day about a particularly intensive training weekend she had just returned from, we just had to learn more!  We are in awe of the extent of the challenge they are about to undertake, and we are extremely happy to be supporting them.. and of course, we have to say top speed to Tideways!!”

The Tideways crew are estimated to be 50 days at sea before they reach the finish line in the Caribbean, and we’ll be tracking their progress, and passing on reports via the Topspeed social media channels.

Aside from the challenge, Tideways are taking the opportunity to fundraise, support and raise awareness to three important initiatives: Access Sport, London Youth Rowing and SportsAid Scotland.

The Tidewaves team are individually experienced rowers at competitive level, and have been undergoing intensive training, however no amount of preparation will fully match the physical and mental challenge of rowing across the Atlantic.  They will encounter extreme weather conditions, exhaustion, sickness, dehydration, and hunger.

To learn more about Tideways, visit their website 

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