The Tale of the Deceased Camel

Topspeed Couriers

A sad tale to tell but it’s a prime, if not unusual, example of how we helped with the safe transportation of a large animal that had died.

When there is an unexplained death of an animal of this size, there are strict regulations within the UK.  Firstly the responsible Government Agency is informed and then testing in their laboratory takes place, as part of a wider investigation into the cause.

We were contacted as part of our contract through the Crown Commercial Services Framework, and we subsequently provided advice on how the animal should be packed and transported, whilst complying with ADR regulations.

At Topspeed we have two qualified and experienced Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors in-house, and another currently in training. So, providing this level of advice and support to customers and their end-users is part of our day-to-day operations, though not always for a consignment as big, or as unusual as a Camel.

For help and support for the safe transportation of any category of all classifications of Dangerous Goods, contact us to discuss.

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