The Full Package

The full package

Does your Transport provider give you all you need, or do you need to fit in with what they can do?

Because of our key skills, experience, trained personnel and certifications at Topspeed, we won a contract to transport extremely fragile, valuable and large pieces of specialist equipment across the UK.

As is the case in many of our contracts, there isn’t an off-the-shelf solution we could offer our customer, particularly as this was:

  1. Classed as a Dangerous Good and this specialist equipment needed to be transported following strict ADR guidelines
  2. Used within the Nuclear industry and needed to be transported under specific regulations and fully risk assessed by our full time Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor
  3. Of a size that required a LGV 18 tonne lorry to carry it.

At Topspeed we can provide trained drivers with licences to operate this size of vehicle and support the transport with bespoke project management expertise.

There are transportation organisations that can provide one or two of those requirements, but there are very few (if any) that can offer a service that ticks all three boxes. Topspeed can and do!

Topspeed Couriers – not the average transport business

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