Setting the Carbon Reduction Standard

Topspeed Going Green

The road to reducing carbon emissions and meeting the UK Government’s Green requirements is something that we take very seriously at Topspeed Couriers.

For a transportation company, that can seem to be a big challenge, however, we firmly believed that it was possible to make significant changes to help reduce our carbon footprint, whilst still operating our business at the same level that our customers expect.

To track the changes and measure the reductions, we needed to fully understand where we were in terms of our carbon emissions.  We approached industry experts Normative and with their knowledge and using their Carbon Accounting platform to analyse our data we were given a clear insight into our current situation.

That first exercise took place two years ago when we provided Normative with detailed data relating to all elements of our business from our purchases to sales, including the journeys we make for our customers.  Up-to-date data has been added regularly as changes in the way we operate have been implemented and have provided us with a clear view of how our carbon emissions are continually reducing, and what areas we still need to work on.

The decision to replace older vehicles with electric vans has helped with our carbon emissions reduction.  Initially, we took delivery of two e-Vitos during the summer, then another four were added in October and a further four will join our fleet early in 2023, meaning that almost 8% of our vehicles are now electric.  This figure will increase further over the coming 12 months.

View the Topspeed Carbon Reduction Plan or contact Normative for further information on their services.

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