Section 5 Prohibited Weapons & Ammunition transportation

Section 5 Transporation

The transportation of Section 5 prohibited weapons (firearms), components and ammunition must be carried out by a courier that holds approval from the Home Office and be shown to fully comply with published guidelines.

Topspeed Couriers have this approval and are expanding their capability to bring this service to the market place.

Gun traders and distributors can be assured of Topspeed’s expertise and reliability because:

  • We have an in-house qualified DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor) and over half of our drivers are fully trained in ADR.
  • All our drivers are directly employed and our fleet of vehicles are all owned by Topspeed Couriers and maintained in-house by our on-site workshop and team of mechanics.
  • Our vehicles are of a sealed bulk head design with a closed body structure so that any goods being transported in the load area are out of sight and the drivers compartment is separate from the load area.
  • Each vehicle has been customised with additional features including high security locks and are equipped with two-way communication tracking equipment and monitored 24/7 by our Operations Team at our Central Hub in Knutsford.
  • When transporting Section 5 firearms and ammunition, the vehicles are not left unattended unless on premises approved by the Government guidelines and the transporting vehicle will only make dedicated journeys.

“We were not alone in our industry for finding 2016 challenging with a major nationwide carrier withdrawing from the marketplace” We chose Topspeed as they offered a fast, reliable and reasonably priced service in the UK, to ship the type of goods we sell. There have been no problems with the service, everyone we have spoken to at Topspeed has been professional, informative and polite and they have delivered our goods in an acceptable timeframe for our customers” Mark Swift, Managing Director, RUAG Ammotec UK Limited

The Topspeed Operations team will be able to advise options based on your requirements and taking into consideration the current legislation. Contact us today on 0800 856 2464.

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