Section 5 Firearms transportation

Topspeed have Home Office Authority

Legit to Legit is a phrase you may not be familiar with, but at Topspeed it is our mantra when dealing with requests for Firearm transportation in the UK.

In order to transport Section 5 Firearms a courier organisation needs to have Home Office Authority and adhere to strict guidelines for vehicles used and have robust procedures in place. Topspeed Couriers has this authorisation and has over 7 years of experience in the safe and legal transportation of these goods.

The sender and the recipient have to provide proof of the legitimacy of their organisation and of the goods and for any new clients.

All drivers used for the transportation of Section 5 goods are highly trained, our vehicles are specially adapted and contingency plans are carefully worked out by a specialist team.

Further information can be found on our firearms transportation service page or for guidance or to discuss a requirement you may have, contact us on 0800 856 2464

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