Integration of e-vehicles within the Topspeed fleet

Sarah Ginham Clegg, Assurance Director Topspeed Couriers

We recently reported that Topspeed had taken delivery of two new e-Vito vehicles and that four more were on order.

As such, members of our senior management team recently undertook a business continuity excess to discuss the usage of the new electric vehicles and review the possible obstacles to their integration.  The process incorporated discussions with the Operations team and the drivers.

The outcome of this has resulted in the Topspeed Academy developing a series of workshops that cover any concerns and stigmas relating to the e-vehicle mileage range, how and where to charge, and what happens if they can’t park outside their home.

Sarah Ginham-Clegg, Assurance Director at Topspeed commented “integrating the new electric vehicles into our fleet is a process we have taken seriously as we believe that in future 90% of the Topspeed work could be completed using the electric fleet”

Do keep an eye on our news page to find out more about our growing electric vehicle fleet in the meantime do contact our team to discuss your specialist courier requirements

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