How secure is your consignment?

Topspeed Couriers same day couriers

Is your data and Intellectual property safe?

Can you afford to take a risk ?

  1. What do you really know about your driver?
  2. Is the vehicle fully tracked and secure?
  3. Is your driver trained to react in a security breach?

How much do you really know?

We only have to pick up a newspaper or switch on the TV news channels to see how critical security is becoming to us all, world-wide.

At Topspeed, we take security seriously and have done for many years:

  • All our drivers are directly employed, and only after extensive background checks
  • Many of our drivers have higher levels of clearance for any highly sensitive work
  • Our drivers are given training in handling security breach situations
  • Our specialist vehicles are fitted with additional security features; gun store, safe and slam locks
  • The entire fleet are tracked from our central Operations Hub 24/7

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