Electric Vehicles Training

Topspeed Going Green

At the time of writing, the Topspeed electric vehicle fleet has grown to 10 e-Vitos.   

An achievement we are incredibly proud of, particularly as our drivers have embraced the differences in driving an electric vehicle.

Early in the process of introducing electric vehicles into our fleet, we took the time to liaise with our driving teams to fully understand any concerns and answer any questions they may have.

Many of these queries were completely valid, quite common and centred around the distance range, how to recharge and if there would be any inconvenience to them personally.  These points were either answered quite quickly or formed the basis of solutions being developed.

12 months on from the initial discussions, we feel we have learnt a lot about introducing, growing, driving, and maintaining an electric fleet, and we feel the approach we have taken has worked well for the Topspeed business.  Our drivers are enthusiastic about the e-fleet and as it grows further, we feel have refined the training to fully support this.

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