Dry Ice Transportation

Did you know?

Topspeed can arrange for the delivery of Dry Ice where samples that need to be kept at sub zero temperatures can be transported.

This is typically used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries and as a refrigerant in transporting blood and other research samples.  It is cleaner and colder than regular ice (-109.3 F compared to 32 F ) so contents are kept colder for longer.

Public Health England, Defra, Institute of Cancer are among those that use our service, along with several private research organisations.

For orders placed before 12.00 noon Dry Ice will arrive the following day by our su.  Our Topspeed driver will collect the frozen sample for direct delivery or to be securely stored for next day delivery.  Dry Ice is delivered in a complaint pack that can be reused for onward transport so you don’t have to source or use your own packaging.

All our drivers have been provided with specialist training to be aware of the dangers of transporting goods on Dry Ice.

Dave Turner MD says “Topspeed have worked closely with customers and suppliers to put this service in place and is now part of the daily routine”

To discuss any Dry Ice transportation requirements, contact us on 0800 856 2464

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