Driving in Windy Weather

Driving in Windy Weather - Topspeed Couriers

Georgina has been the latest Storm this winter to bring high winds to the UK and cause issues on the roads.

Our Topspeed drivers are monitored by our central Operations team and provide them with guidance about routes and driving conditions based on up to date traffic information.

However, driving in any extreme weather can be hazardous and these tips of advice given by the experts at the RAC are helpful in keeping us safe on the roads.

  1. Do you need to drive – whenever there is extremely bad weather its always worth considering if your journey is necessary or whether it can wait, especially if it included a crossing of a high exposed bridge or that you were considering towing or using a top or roof box.
  2. Be prepared – it is always worth packing essentials in the vehicle in case of a disruption in your journey, these can include warm clothes, a fully charged mobile phone, food and water. You should also have prepared by planning your journey and if possible choosing a route that is more sheltered. You should also make people aware that you are travelling and your estimated time of arrival.
  3. Watch and Listen – look out for other vehicles as well as cyclists, motorcyclists, lorries and buses and give them as much room as possible as they could be affected by side winds. Keep an ear out for local travel reports, they will be updating drivers of road closures. You should also be vigilant about debris on the road i.e. a fallen tree branch or fence panel.
  4. Adjustments in your driving – keep extra distance between you and the car in front and hold the steering wheel firmly, strong winds could catch you off guard, so a firm grasp will ensure you have as much control as possible. Slow down whilst driving in high winds as this will help you to respond better to gusts and reduce the impact on driving. It is worth remembering that high winds can affect the handling and braking of a vehicle and be aware that when passing high-sided vehicles it could result in a sudden gust of wind.
  5. Parking up – try to avoid leaving your vehicle under a tree, near a building, telephone line or other structures that may cause a danger of falling in severe winds.

Stay safe!

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