Driving in Severe Weather Conditions

Topspeed Severe Weather driving tips

As we head towards December, the likelihood of severe weather increases.

The safety of our team is paramount and we have taken the opportunity in the last week to remind our drivers of a few points, which we thought you may consider useful too:

  • Ensure you have de-icer in your vehicle and your levels of anti-freeze screen wash are topped up.
  • Monitor the weather forecasts on the radio and if there is a chance of bad weather take additional warm clothing with you, as well as food and water just in case.
  • For planned early starts or after a prolonged period of inactivity over the Christmas holidays, check your vehicle the evening before.  Van batteries are under a heavier load in winter and if left without starting for a day or so then low temperatures can make a battery fail without warning.
  • Check your mobile phone is fully charged or take a charger and cable with you in case of emergencies

The RAC offer good advice for driving in Winter – visit the RAC website for up to date information.

Importantly stay safe and don’t take any undue risks when driving in severe weather conditions

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