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Digital forensics is a highly specialised branch of forensic science and includes the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices, often in relation to computer crime, or in the recovery of information stored on the phones and laptops used for criminal activity.

The Digital Forensics process involves the collection, preservation, analysis and presentation of evidence from digital sources and therefore requires highly secure procedures to ensure that the Chain of Custody is fully traceable.

Such Chains of Custody need to show validated evidence of the whereabouts and ownership at every stage of its transfer from the scene of the crime to police stations and specialist forensic labs.

Any uncertainty about the whereabouts of an article of evidence at any time can and has been the cause of the collapse of criminal cases.

As such the transport between those places needs to be tightly controlled and evidenced.

Topspeed work with specialist Digital Forensic agencies and Digital Pathologists on the safe transportation of evidence*. Our drivers have been fully trained in handling the collection and delivery of Forensic samples and evidence, and all our vehicles are fully tracked and traced and have been customised to accommodate this type of cargo with increased locking and security systems.

We can provide dedicated routes on the same day or next day basis, and we are able to collect and deliver from any area of the UK (or beyond if required). Typically pick up and drop off points are; scenes of crime, laboratories and submission offices.

To discuss your requirements, contact Dave Turner on 0800 856 2464

*Evidence can include; computers (desktop pcs, laptops), hard drives, hand-held digital devices (mobile phones, smartphones, tablets phones, tablets)

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