Beating the drum for good fuel management practices

During June all of our vehicles at Topspeed Couriers were upgraded and are now fitted with the latest Tom Tom Tracking Telematic and navigation systems.

Topspeed Couriers use Tom Tom Telematics for the management of their vehicle fleetThe benefits and features of this new system enable us to have real time information on the movements of all our vehicles, provide instant proof of deliveries and ensure compliance on working time guidelines for our drivers.

The new Tom Tom system will also enable us to run a greener fleet by tracking driving styles, speeds, idle times and C02  emissions and help us improve driver safety, save fuel, limit risks, reduce pollution and also incentivise our drivers to be more responsible on the roads.

David Turner, Business Development Director commented “Our drivers have always been able to earn monthly bonuses based on their driving performance and adoption of good fuel management practices.  The Tom Tom Worksmart system is able to give both the driver and ourselves more detailed data than has been available before.  We have already seen significant improvements in driving behaviour and we can now provide data to support our progress to a greener more sustainable transport operation”.

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