AAT Qualification Achieved

Gillian Lockley MAAT, FD Topspeed Couriers

Gillian Lockley MAAT, Finance Director at Topspeed Couriers has completed Accountancy training and has gained the AAT Level 4 qualification

Gillian originally started her accountancy training whilst working for a previous employer in September 2011 commencing with the AAT Access course before moving onto Level 2. Joining Topspeed in 2014, Gillian’s focussed initially on settling into her role as Operations Manager, though was providing valuable support to the finance team. This re-ignited her passion for accounting, and Topspeed supported her decision in returning to college to enable Gillian to complete Level 3 and 4.

Commenting on achieving this qualification, Gillian says: “I am totally thrilled to have been given the opportunity to pick up my accounting studies when I joined Topspeed as I thought I would never get the opportunity to continue with it.

“I joined as an Operations manager for the new Forensics contract, which I still oversee, and now I am the Finance Director. Having the AAT qualification will assist me in my current role and I am going to continue my studies and enrol on the ACCA course

“I love my job at Topspeed and am grateful for having had the opportunity to progress in my career with their help. Topspeed are always keen to train people and help them develop and grow personally”

An AAT Accountant is a qualified accounting professional that has the practical and technical skills required to support businesses with their accounting activities. An AAT Accountant can sign off the accounts for companies up to the audit threshold, where a company does not have a turnover more than £6.5 million and its balance sheet total is not more than £3.26 million.

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