A day in the life of a Topspeed Driver

As Topspeed Couriers grows we are always on the lookout for experienced drivers to join our expanding team and one of the questions we are often asked is ‘what is a typical day’? 

.. and without trying to sound vague or seem like we are avoiding the question, the answer is simply for our drivers there is no such thing as a typical day!

What's it like to be a driver at TopspeedTo explain further, even for our ‘regular run’ Topspeed drivers who handle similar collections and deliveries for ongoing contract work, for a 24 hour courier operation such as Topspeed Couriers, each day can be different depending on the requirements of our clients, their location, time availability and of course the weather and traffic considerations – all of which takes careful planning by our operations team.

So what’s it like working at Topspeed and how does it compare with other courier businesses?  We asked one of our drivers to answer that question;

  • All drivers use vehicles from our every expanding fleet of new and customised vans.  Each vehicle is fitted with the latest Tom Tom telemetry navigation equipment and all drivers are given a Topspeed mobile phone for back up support from and with the backup of the operations team manned 24 hours.
  • Having an employment contract and the ability to earn a monthly bonus with the performance scheme that monitors efficiency of driving speed and fuel optimisation.
  • There are also opportunities to develop as a driver; learn new skills and become qualified in the transportation of dangerous goods with ADR training.

Driving for Topspeed can literally take you all over the country and as a same day courier company that operates 24 hours a day / 7 days a week you ever know where you could end up on a typical day!

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